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Writing A Superior Essay On Vietnam War – Words 332

If you are taking a modern history class, chances are that you will be assigned to write an essay on Vietnam War. Although, it is a very interesting and relevant topic to write on, it is very controversial, thus many students have a tough time completing it. The Vietnam War is one of the most “expensive” conflicts in which the United States have been involved. And in this context “expensive” means lives rather than money. As many as 350.000 American soldiers were killed in this war and besides that, the Vietnam War is one of the most inglorious events in the American history.

The topic didn’t lose its relevance and these days students of all levels get assigned to write on the Vietnam War events. Without a doubt, there is enough material that will help you to write a successful Vietnam War Essay, but this task is not that simple as it seems at first glance. This is mainly due to the fact that it will hardly amaze your tutor, so he or she will decide to give you a high grade.

If you will choose such topic as McCarthyism, Ho Chi Minh’s leadership, policy of containment or role of Allen Dulles, define the purpose of your essay clearly and provide your own opinion on the topic supporting it with evidence, you might do good. However, you may want to choose an unusual way of writing a Vietnam War essay and make it look like a newspaper article written by a military reporter. For example, you can describe one day from the life of an American platoon in the jungle of Vietnam, etc. Fortunately, there are still some witnesses of this war and if you might be able to find them, they will provide you with great information that will help you to write a superior essay.

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